Packaging services

Packaging services

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Carton packaging

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Carton box

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Foam packaging

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Sale Envelope,price list Envelope,price Envelope,

bag and sack

Sale bag and sack,price list bag and sack,price bag and sack,

Packaging containers

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Palette and box palette

Sale Palette and box palette,price list Palette and box palette,price Palette and box palette,


Sale tape,price list tape,price tape,

Nylon packing

Sale Nylon packing,price list Nylon packing,price Nylon packing,

Packaging film

Sale Packaging film,price list Packaging film,price Packaging film,


Sale barrel,price list barrel,price barrel,

Unolite packaging

Sale Unolite packaging,price list Unolite packaging,price Unolite packaging,

Packaging basket

Sale Packaging basket,price list Packaging basket,price Packaging basket,

Packing box

Sale Packing box,price list Packing box,price Packing box,

Packaging corner

Sale Packaging corner,price list Packaging corner,price Packaging corner,

Packing belt

Sale Packing belt,price list Packing belt,price Packing belt,